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The history

In 1970 Romolo e Remo planted the first vineyards through the tree, system used at the time when the vine was married to the maple which served as a support, to the current espalier shapes, thus giving the viatic to the improvement of quality.

I n the mid-eighties Davide and Stefano entered fully into the management of the business introducing agronomic and oenological practices aimed at further improving quality.

High intensity vineyards are planted and cultivation practices are introduced, such as short pruning, thin out the excess bunches and manual harvesting with further quality control, which have significantly increased the properties of the grapes.

At the same time, new winemaking technologies are introduced in the winery: soft pressing, temperature control during the production process, barriques for the aging of wines.

T he recent entry into the family business of Laura and Lucia, daughters of Davide, has improved the welcome and relations with customers.

We have thus increased the offer of guided tastings in combination with the products of farmers in the area, within the modern structure built in recent years.

We have both the soil quality and wonderful location to thank for the goodness of our wine. This is the reason that for years our label has read “Contrada Fontemaggio, Servigliano”.