Respect of the enviroment

In the vineyard

Grass in the vineyard

It avoids erosion, improves the structure of the ground making it more permeable, preserving softer the surface of the mantle.

Organic manure

The attention we devote to the needs of the land and to the respect of the balance of the vineyard and the environment, stimulates us to the exclusive use of organic manure that guarantee better soil fertility, not reproducible by chemical synthesis.

Treatments with low environmental impact

The most effective means of health protection is the territory itself. The location of the vineyards at 300 meters above sea level, in a hilly area exposed to the south and subjected to constant ventilation that is channeled into the Ete valley in a natural route between the Adriatrico and the Apennines, caresses the vineyards and preserves them from fungal attacks.
This microclimate allows us to minimize the use of plant protection products by implementing a strategy of defense of "integrated struggle", which makes the most of the physical and chemical resources at our disposal.

In the winery

Photovoltaic system

It supplies the energy necessary for the transformation processes of the grapes and supplies a geothermal heat pump capable of keeping both the warehouses of the bottles and the tasting rooms at constant temperature.

Geothermal system

To realize the system we used the thirty foundation piles of the winery as geothermal probes with the intent of exploiting the constant temperature that is preserved at a depth of ten meters, thus minimizing electrical energy to supply the heat pump.

Solar-thermal system

It supplies the energy for heating the water necessary for the entire structure and for the processing and maintenance phases of the cellar and the equipment.

We have both the soil quality and wonderful location to thank for the goodness of our wine. This is the reason that for years our label has read “Contrada Fontemaggio, Servigliano”.