Examples: An asexual individual having a-spec exclusionists on their DNI

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Examples: An asexual individual having a-spec exclusionists on their DNI

This Carrd page was devoted towards determining terminology applied to DNI pages/banners, and exactly why they are put on all of them. You are free to use these definitions and/or link this Carrd and its particular pages to others.

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What exactly is a DNI?

A DNI (Quick for “Do Not Interact”) is normally a listing that contain types individuals the one who developed the listing does not want getting all of them or her blog(s).

It could consist of groups who’re disrespectful (and on occasion even violent) towards the individual who comes with the DNI. A transgender girl having TERFS on the DNI. A non-dysphoric transgender individual creating Truscum on their DNI.

Some websites have subject matter that produces the person who developed the list uneasy, or they ples: a person that try recovering from a meals disorder creating pro-ana blogs on their DNI. A SFW era regressor who regresses because trauma having traumacore blogs on their DNI. A CSA survivor creating MAPs or Proshippers on their DNI.

The person who developed the checklist might want to hold their weblog a secure area on their behalf and/or their supporters several teams ples: A non-sexual years regressor creating DDLG/CGL sites on the DNI. A MOGAI site creating individuals who are Anti-MOGAI on the DNI. A plural positivity blog site creating sysmeds on their DNI.

The essential frequently viewed forms of DNIs are noticed as content and banners. Content become devoted chapters of somebody’s blog/page which highlights people that they do not want connection from. Banners provide the exact same objective, commonly becoming added to blogs.


Truscum become those who genuinely believe that dysphoria must getting transgender, while Transmeds think that you are best a legitimate transgender person should you decide undergo health transitioning. Trumed is actually a mashup of these two terms and conditions.

Each party have been shown to harass trans people who understanding no or little dysphoria, contacting all of them aˆ?Transtrendersaˆ? and claiming they are merely determining as trans for attention, or that they’re just confused about their character. Additionally they declare that these people are those putting some transgender community have a look worst to outsiders.

Self Proclaimed Transtrenders those that have reclaimed the Transtrender tag on their own, normally in an operate of rebellion against Trumeds.


TERFs become Trans Exclusionary Revolutionary Feminists. They can be notorious in LGBT+ spaces for being really discriminatory towards trans girls, while they feel they aren’t real girls. Some TERFs in addition genuinely believe that transgender guys aren’t genuine people, occasionally making reference to them as “Lost siblings”.

SWERFs were Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists. They harass sex staff members from inside the name of feminism, claiming that gender personnel are the main reason feminism was “maybe not taken seriously”.

TEHMs is Trans Exclusionary Homosexual Men. They truly are cis guys exactly who harass trans people, saying they are “Invading” homosexual spots and “Deceiving” gay boys into stepping into relationships and/or sleeping together with them. They frequently misgender trans guys, and harass them when they make use of the phrase “Gay” to describe on their own.


Exclusionist try an umbrella label for folks who omit other people from the LGBT+ society. There are multiple types of exclusionists, including although not limited christianconnection by:

A-Spec Exclusionists, whom believe identities eg asexuality and aromanticism dont belong for the LGBT+ area. Normally, this is what some one means when they have Exclusionists in their DNI. [hyperlink] articles detailing/showing how a-spec folks have become harrassed, abused, assaulted, as well as slain for being a-spec.

Pan/Omni Exclusionists, whom genuinely believe that orientations such pan- and omni- were unneeded additionally the same as bi-. Some of those exclusionists declare that these orientations include transphobic, because many people have used the phrase “Hearts over elements” to spell out and/or relate to all of them. Bi Exclusionists, exactly who get into two classes. This might both indicate some body cannot consent with/doesn’t think that bisexuality prevails, or they gatekeep who is and is alson’t bisexual. Throughout the latter group, they tend to gatekeep those who identify as bisexual lesbians or bisexual gays. MOGAI Exclusionists, who think that MOGAI (which stands for “Marginalized Orientations, men and women And Intersex”, and had been coined as a far more inclusive option to LGBT+) identities make the LGBT+ people “look worst”, and/or that they’re unnecessary or cringy. This type of person usually called Anti-MOGAI versus Exclusionists. A fairly brand new phrase known as REG (definition “Reactionary Exclusionary Gatekeeper”) can be used to refer to any or all among these sorts of exclusionists, together with anyone for example Trumeds and TERFs.

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