Dating Sites Analysis Online Forums. flirt is one of the most worst websites

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Dating Sites Analysis Online Forums. flirt is one of the most worst websites

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its a scam

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yes flirt is one of the extremely worst web sites you will find had the displeasure to deal with. first of all not one of my credit cards worked the first time around, and only started using it using the services of a person who said the guy might get it to work. i gave him my login information and paid the 29 money for example month. two days after i received a message from some as yet not known web site asking for more money so they really could validate me. i refused to give them any further information and advised all of them i did not want any more interaction with these people. they started demanding that i get authenticated, and also the more challenging they pressed more i pressed back.. they sent me a need realize that some idiot built which one had gotten me personally actually angry. i advised Flirt that i desired to terminate and desired my funds came back as his or her website was actually certainly a fake site and they wouldn’t wish come back my personal funds. now I must check-out my personal financial and cancel my personal card thus these plunge shits can not get at my personal funds. we should all gang abreast of they and commence alerting them they truly are treading on thin ice.

yes flirt is among the really worst internet we have ever had the displeasure to handle. firstly none of my personal credit cards worked to start with, and just got it working with a person who informed me the guy could easily get they to the office. we gave your my personal login details and settled the 29 cash for starters thirty days. 2 days later i gotten a note from some not known web site requesting more money so that they could confirm me personally. we would not provide them with any further info and advised them i did not wish any more telecommunications with them. they began demanding that i get validated, additionally the harder they pressed the greater i forced right back.. they delivered myself a need realize that some idiot developed and therefore one had gotten myself truly mad. i informed Flirt that we wished to terminate and wished my personal cash came back since their site was demonstrably a fake site as well as didn’t want to return my personal money. today i have to visit my bank and cancel my cards thus these dip shits cannot access my personal funds. we must all gang through to these individuals and start warning them they have been treading on slim ice.

validation web sites tend to be dangerous they simply should remove the notes so remain really aside ,theyre operated by burglars


I registered here to generally meet them face-to-face, they said are through the exact same town/city that I have a home in, appropriate, I wanted that individuals get together someplace in people, they declined and stated i need to complete my personal mastercard details to a site having digital camera babes!!

Regardless of what many girls, no matter how we need we get together, they’re not into fulfilling single women dating website New York right up, they might be just after my personal money, all they actually ever wanted had been that we complete charge card forms and also my personal credit billed!!

They claimed i really do not want to pay, which means is lies and video games to manufacture me personally lose cash, all they actually wanted to do was to verify we lose money!!

You will want to visit your bank and submit these purchases to receive a chargeback about complete sum your missing!!

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