Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing artwork & fics(19).See, that’s what the app is good for

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Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing artwork & fics(19).See, that’s what the app is good for

Discover, that is exactly what the software is good for.

Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing art & fics(19)



monica’s notes: thus I was happily twerking to “jump” by Rhema, while I thought of how jjk characters would react as long as they read me personally twerking for www.datingmentor.org/texas-lubbock-dating/ this track. the much better enjoy, it is advisable to listen to the tune, i hope I have y’all interested in nigerian sounds

alert: suggestive information, founded commitment, company with positive, twerking, lapdance, dry humping, ass slapping, minor misogyny, me personally getting a menace to community, discussing my self in third people, non-binary but uses feminine genitalia

  • I’m certain this might occur in a dance club or at gojo’s party. Satoru has become the sort to continuously ask me what sort of tracks I pay attention to prior to their birthday party or steals my personal earbuds while i am paying attention to this song and is instantly hooked.
  • So yeah, this arises in the playlist and everyone’s curious about just what song this might be, tipsy and all of. Everybody but Satoru and that I.
  • As soon as the defeat drops, I just get into position. All things considered, the unwritten guideline with this track is to get into place to place it straight back when it starts.
  • Everybody is shook when they just start reading the words and witnessing me personally with pride twerk to the defeat.
  • Gojois the earliest to react, leaping up and mirroring my personal motions with this slim butt of his (better yet since he is great at every thing). At some point, he has this bright concept to put it back again to me personally and that I gladly indulge him, keeping his waist firmly while he grinds their ass against me personally.
  • Geto’s shocked quickly, before the guy decides to attempt to understand inside second from it -and try making progress somewhat fast- Gojo shift’s his butt humping to Geto to irritate him to start with, nonetheless they end appreciating they also better-
  • Nanami acts completely indifferent from what’s happening, nevertheless time we remain my personal ass on his lap and start transferring, it really is over for your along with his dick.
  • Sukuna stacks up and simply gets behind me, fingers tight against my waistline and pushes my butt to their waist to work. Whom am I to refuse?
  • Naoya states their repulsed by just how vulgar I am and exactly how its unlady like of us to be doing such “disgusting” acts, but his attention are only glued to my personal fat butt bouncing and then thing i understand i am hearing is “wait for me personally inside the toilet after that”
  • Tojiis just manspreading while he’s seeing me throw it back and dancing. Eventually, i simply think a soft thwack and cash raining on my ass.
  • Mediocre Ijichi simply sitting stifly, red faced, my personal butt scrubbing on him until his dick stands at interest -which isn’t really lengthy.
  • Choso is merely mislead in regards to what is occurring, but he’s loving every time of my butt bouncing and is actually hyping me right up alongside Gojo and Geto.
  • As soon as the tune is finished, we’re collapsed, sweaty and somewhat aroused. Gojo claims we play it once again while having a twerking competition. We, but posses an alternate strategy of getting it from back in restroom.

monica ©2021 dont duplicate, translate or repost. reblogs is very appreciated.

Beauty, Minds and the entire body

Pairing: Sugardaddy! Nanami Kento x Collegestudent fem! reader (minor Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru x collegestudent fem! reader)

alert: smut with a storyline, minor poisonous connection, corruption kink, self-indulgent, somewhat harsh sex, praise kink, utilization of “sir”, small energy play, sugar daddy-baby commitment, exhibitionism, size kink, creampie, unprotected sex.

disclaimer: ranked 18+ minors dni

sypnosis: consider passing their checks along with your glucose daddy decides to enjoy by showing his wise girl to his company? Yeah, happy bitch.

monica’s mention: thus I realized some times ago that I passed my first-year tests whenever we returned to school, consequently i’m able to continue my studies as a medical college student! with this, i decided to cure myself while guys to a few congratulatory smut! I really hope it really is good reason at some point I forgot the land and that I merely opted for the stream.

Forbidden || G. Satoru

caution: fem audience, porn with plot cum assertion, pleasuring, clitoral pleasure, non-safe sex, nipple sucking, Satoru are a tease, mentions of kids trapping, vaginal penetration, viewer losing the woman virginity, mentions of dried out humping, reference of confrontation, utilization of gear as a discipline, compliments kink.

sypnosis: (y/n) disobeys the girl mom’s orders and results in the bed for the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, just who privately desires their are his forever.

rated: 18+ minors do not communicate

monica’s notes: it literally took me THREE MONTHS to finally accomplish this. discover my personal headcanon and oneshot masterlist for my works. reblogs is extremely appreciated. unique using lolalee24 for really encouraging me to conclude this efforts today!

You used to be warned to remain away from him, however bring coconut head, you no dey hear keyword. (you you should not actually ever tune in)

Your own mom had been a higher up who had been well-aware of Gojo Satoru’s antics; an incredibly good looking sleek talker with a velvety voice, albeit tactless with his words around seniors. He had been the strongest for an excuse, the kid wizard that has learned a very challenging techniques as he was still students in jujutsu large, as well as the wielder of six attention.

Behave: Nanami Kento

paring: Sugardaddy! Nanami Kento x Sugarbaby!fem!reader

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