Comfort: audience Comforting JJK men Headcanons pt 1

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Comfort: audience Comforting JJK men Headcanons pt 1

  • Featuring Itadori Yuuji, Megumi Fushiguro as asked for!
  • warning(s): angst and nonsense, sfw, lovely, comfort, mentions of personality death, reference of stress and despair, gn! viewer, reader are a class ahead of the boys.

Jujutsu Kaisen Headcanon: Would we push these Jujutsu Kaisen Men/Boys where you can find my family? Part 1

CW: selfindulgent, suggestive motifs in certain headcanons.

And so I had been conversing with my buddy one day about basically would deliver some of my personal jjk crushes residence immediately after which this concept popped right up in my mind. My children is a little old-fashioned, thus I’d want to think about the way they’ll respond.



Part of my headcanon are Nanami are an enormous emo teen

(Not a bad thing after all, I had an emo period also, most likely still going right through they)

buttttt that is not the purpose here.

I kinda imagine Nanami, since silent while he is, had been into the rock or steel style. Think about this; earpods or earpieces in the ears, simply head bopping toward tunes when he’s by yourself he’d never tune in while men and women are around or they would tease your

Gojo and Geto might have went in on your one day due to their usual rounds of frustrating one decades and simply stay here as he’s mind bopping.

They are shook and then he appears horrified as he kicks them away, embarrassed.

No doubt they are going to tease him in regards to the mind bopping thing.


uminozerol requested:

This is not fundamentally a request or any such thing (Unless you want to transform it into anything) but I just always picture Yuji and best buddy audience creating a slumber party at Nanami’s put ?Y?­a?‹?Y?» like I just feel that might be therefore nutritious and lovable. Yuji and audience creating a pillow/blanket fort in Nanami’s living room with complimentary onesies on ugghh ?Y??

presidentmonica responded:


Itadori x Companion Viewer: Sleepover

  • Okay this was after the Junpei experience, Itadori had been feeling excessively reduced and Nanami chose to try and perk your up.
  • Very he requested Itadori a€?Could There Be what you would like to carry out?a€?
  • a€?Wella€¦ You will findna€™t observed my best friend in a bit.a€? He stated with pouty attention. a€?Can I discover (him/her/them) be sure to?a€? he dragged out.
  • Nanami got doubtful, no body really was likely to understand Itadori got live which people is a non-shaman, and of course he had been Sukunaa€™s number hence thing could pop out when.
  • But evaluating Itadoria€™s pleading face, the guy couldna€™t say no.
  • Exactly what may go wrong?
  • The second the guy spotted your own (short/average/tall) figure run with per night case from your (parent/guardian)a€™s vehicle shouting a€?YUUJI-CHANa€? before falling over a material and striking your face on the pavement with a loud bang, limited to you to receive up and carry on operating with that huge bundle on the mind still shouting a€?YUUJI-CHANa€? Austin dating ideas following jumping in Itadori with an embrace, knocking both of you all the way down, the guy understood he previously generated a huge error.
  • The guy requires used this in Gojoa€™s house as an alternative.
  • Both you and Yuuji starting weeping rips of delight because both hugged each other and joined your house behind Nanami, overlooking the principles he was establishing your both of you.
  • a€?Do you still have they?a€? Yuuji asks hesistantly. a€?Of program I have it, I invested a great deal cash on purchase them to suit your birthday celebration Yuuji.a€?
  • COORDINATING HAIKYUU ONESIES! The two of you have complimentary Haikyuu onesies of (favorite personality).
  • It was then Nanami recognized the two of you contributed the same braincell and he was even considerably horrified.
  • Both you and Itadori needed to literally weep and plead Nanami in order that hea€™d let the two of you need his pads and blankets to suit your pillow fort before he at long last conformed.
  • Exactly how could he state no on the couple when you both appeared adorable within onesies. (he will probably never ever declare this out loud)
  • The 3 of you wind up creating extreme pillow fort close the whole living room area, appearing like a palace -it had been the formula most likely.
  • Nanami renders the both of you to watch your own terror flicks with each other (the guy currently helped with the pillow fort, hea€™s maybe not watching a film along with you two)
  • In between the horrifying screams regarding the unfortunate spirit the the two of you screamed at not to go directly to the basements, you ask in a solemn sound a question that has been bothering your. a€?exactly why did you set, Yuuji-chan? All of us have been asking where you are, you only vanished after the grandpa passed away.a€?
  • a€?Ita€™sa€¦ confusing.a€? Itadori answered, recalling Nanamia€™s caution to not reveal something. a€?If we inform you, you could get hurt.a€?
  • You feel bad that closest friend try keeping tips, but deep down, somethings much better left alone.
  • As an alternative, your scream a€?THE ZOMBIES GOT HER! THEY GOT HER!a€? and you also and Itadori go back to are comprehensive idiots.
  • a€?Itadori, (l/n), we informed both of you to attend bed by 11a€¦a€? Nanami quit while he noticed the two of you sprawled across both in pillow fort, sparkle and pillow feathers inside you and Itadoria€™s hair and the two of you matching neon colored toenails, snoring loudly with drool out of your face.
  • With a tiny laugh on his mouth, he only covers the both of you with a blanket, going in advance to make off the t.v before switching the family room lights off.
  • a€?Goodnight Itadori, (l/n).a€? the guy met a€?Goodnight Nanamin!a€? the 2 of your responded right back before face palming. He previously caught both of you red-handed. a€?Busted. You both, go to sleep today.a€? he commanded regardless of your two complaining.
  • Really, leta€™s say he had to see your two a bed time story before the guy could get all of you to really pay attention to him.
  • This could be the last opportunity Itadori will truly see you, but hea€™s pleased the guy offered your a suitable goodbye.

I got a great deal enjoyable composing this! Kindly consult again!

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